The Governing Body
In common with most non academy status schools, Cadmore End School is managed by a Governing Body.
A governing body is responsible for the school's strategic planning. The role of the governing body is 'to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement'. The governing body consists of representatives of the school's parents, staff, LEA, Diocese and other interested community members.

The Governors are responsible for setting the key strategic objectives of a school and as a Voluntary Aided school, Cadmore End School governors are the legal employer of all the school staff. They are neither professionals nor experts in education. They are meant to be a body of local people who represent the public interest in the school’s affairs. They have an essential role in ensuring a direct line of accountability between schools, the church and their local communities.

Members of the Governing Body act and are responsible jointly. Governors are not able to take decisions or exercise powers of governance individually, except for the Chair who has the power to act under delegated authority on behalf of the Governing Body.

Governors are drawn, in roughly equal shares, from four broad groups of stakeholders in education – parents, school staff, local authority and local community. Some are elected, some appointed by official bodies, some chosen by the governing bodies themselves and some are ex officio. All except the latter group have volunteered for the job. All are unpaid.

Our Constitution states that our Governing Body will be made up as follows:
  • 2 parent governors (elected by and representing the views of the parents)
  • 7 Foundation governors (appointed by Oxford Diocese and Cadmore End Parochial Church Council) including the Vicar of the parish
  • 2 staff governors of whom one is the Headteacher (1 elected by the staff)
  • 1 appointed by the local education authority (Buckinghamshire Council)
If you are interested in becoming a governor at our school please contact the school office or the governors at the e-mail address below.
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Cadmore End CofE School











If Spaces are shown in the table below, this indicates places within the constitution which can optionally be filled.  Where Vacancies are shown this indicates places within the constitution which should be filled.












First Appointed

Term Start

Term End


Parent governors






Mr. Jon De Keyser


01 Jan 2021

01 Jan 2021

31 Dec 2024


Mr Oliver Westby

 Acting Chair of Governors

01 Jan 2021

01 Jan 2021

31 Dec 2024








Local Authority Governors






To be filled












Staff governors






Miss Frankee Everall


















Mrs Debbie Groom


01 Sep 2017










Foundation Diocesan Board of Education Appointed






Mrs Gen Owen


20 Mar 2017

27 Mar 2021

26 Mar 2025











Foundation Parochial Church Council Appointed












Mrs Gemma Gibbins


30 Mar 2020

30 Mar 2020

29 Mar 2024


Mrs Marion Watson

  9 Nov 2021 9 Nov 2021 8 Nov 2025








Foundation Ex-Officio






Revd Mark Ackford


02 Jan 2019

 2 Jan 2019

 1 Jan 2023













Governing Board Roles

Mr Oliver Westby  

Parent Governor

Acting Chair of Governors




Mark Ackford

Foundation Ex-Officio



Frankee Everall

Staff Governor


Jon De Keyser


Parent Governor


Gemma Gibbins

Foundation Parochial Church Council



Gen Owen

Foundation Diocesan Board of Education


Religious Education


Marion Watson

Foundation Parochial Church Council