OFSTED 2024: GOOD in all areas! “There is a really strong, inclusive culture in this school that promotes equality for all, and that is really modelled through all staff and through the leadership, because all children are welcome here and the school does everything they can to care, nurture and educate.” (OFSTED 24)

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed to fully meet the needs of the national curriculum and also to ensure that we provide knowledge rich learning opportunities which deepen and extend understanding through deliberate practice.



Our evidenced based approach to curriculum design has enabled us to better understand how to develop subject progression across the school so that important concepts are well taught and revisited regularly through a planned series of recalls giving pupils the opportunity to further embed key knowledge into long term memory. We have found that this is best achieved through the blocking of foundation subjects.


However, we also believe that children need daily/weekly exposure to certain subjects such as Reading and PSHE.


If you would like further information on our curriculum, please contact our school office