Staff Name




Mrs D Groom

Headteacher, DSL and Class Teacher

Mrs J Day

Chair of Governors

Mrs D Whaymen-Bailey

 Class Teacher UKS2

Mrs N Talbot

Miss E Holmes

 Class Teacher UKS2

 Class Teacher LKS2

Mrs Croft

Class Teacher KS1

Mrs A Woolfson

Mrs R Butley 

Class Teacher EYFS and Deputy DSL

Class Teacher EYFS 

Mrs H Lawfull

SENDCo and Deputy DSL

 Mrs G Gibbins

 Teaching and Learning mentor

Mrs L Pattison

TA, SENCO Support and Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Caine

HLTA, PE Coach and Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Hazel

HTLA and Forest School Teacher

Mrs S Maughan

TA and Catering Manager

 Ms S Adil


 Mrs G Owen


Mrs J Coyle

School Secretary

Mrs E Leigh

Finance Officer