Head Girl and Head Boy


Hi I’m Sydney. I am in year 6, so this is my last year at Cadmore End. I have really enjoyed going to this school. I have made lots of friends here with pupils and teachers. I wanted to be Head Pupil because it would complete my experience at Cadmore and I know I can represent you all well. Here are some of the things I plan to do this year:

I will try and organise

  •         A whole school trip to the Zoo, castles, theatres or even Whizz kids after school
  •         A school football team to play against other schools, so we can show them how                great we are!
  •         A school pet, and take it in turn to take it home in the holidays.
  •         Online homework – so we don’t get in trouble when we forget our books!
  •         Animal Readers- This is a scheme I read about where dogs and their owners come            into school to listen to us read.
  •         School Sleepovers – with games, food and fun.
  •         Dojo prizes – Like pizza lunch for people who get 150 points
  •         Getting rid of the attendance awards , because they are unfair as you cant help                being ill you should stay at home and I don’t want to catch other peoples germs
  •         I have already bought new nail brushes for the boys and girls bathrooms and I am          planning to get new locks for the toilet doors

I will also speak to the teachers about concerns you have and stick up for you when you are worried.  So please come and speak to me when you want to.

I have many more ideas and I cant share them all with you now. I enjoy spending time with all the year groups and playing with you all at lunchtime.  I will help out at special events like open days and sports days. I will be a great ambassador for the school.

Your Inaugurate Head Girl Sydney


Hello My name is Danny. Thank you so much for voting for me.

As Head Boy, I have many ideas for the school. Here are some of them

  •   I will look into getting proper footballs and tyres
  •   I will start a football house cup
  •   I will get the climbing frame out in PE
  •   I will look into getting lockers
  •   I will go to fates and sell lots of balloons and give out lots of leaflets
  •   I will organise a school sleepover
  •   I will introduce ties to the school uniform for Key stage 2
  •   I will look into getting a school shop, selling stationary, sweets and ties!
  •   I will help at fund raising events

Thank you again for voting for me!