Homework Policy

Our homework policy aims to actively involve parents in their children's learning, by increasing links between home and school, and develop independent learning that involves self-discipline and personal time management.
Charging Policy

The 1988 Education Reform Act requires that every Governing body shall have a stated policy on charging. The Governors of Cadmore End School have adopted the following policy:

a) Where activities take place in school session time, parents should be invited to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of the activity on a pro rata basis but that a pupil should not be debarred from taking part in that activity because his/her parents cannot, or will not, contribute.

b) Where activities take place outside school session time, charges should be levied, where appropriate.

c) Appropriate charges be made for ingredients and materials where parents indicated in advance that they wish to own their child's finished work.

d) Should there be insufficient contributions, then a planned activity may be cancelled.
Additional Policies

The following additional policies are some of those in force at Cadmore End School. Click the link to review them online.