School Development Plan

School Development Plan for 2021-2022


Leadership and Management 

Priority 1To develop with the support of governors; strategic leadership to manage the development of all staff through our Christian vision and values, equipping them with the necessary skills and support to provide an inclusive education that is sustainable. 


Priority 2: To ensure that the Governing Body remains strong (whilst welcoming new governors and a future Chair of Governors) and continues to support and challenge leaders through our Christian vision and values to certify that the school continues to provide a positive impact on all its pupils. 


Quality of Education 

Priority 1: To ensure the teaching and learning of English is coherently planned and sequenced across all key stages; that all pupils secure a knowledge of phonics to enable them to become fluent readers which in turn supports the development of writing.   


Priority 2To ensure the teaching and learning of Mathematics is coherently planned and sequenced across all key stages; that all pupils build mathematical knowledge and skills enabling them to draw connections and reason.   


Priority 3: To review our two-year curriculum plan for Science, PE and foundation subjects to ensure that they are coherently planned and sequenced across all key stages; taking into account our Christian vision and values; enabling pupils to apply skills and knowledge across the curriculum. 


Priority 4: To review and develop, in KS1 and KS2 assessment, marking and feedback to help learners embed and use knowledge fluently and to check understanding and inform future planning. 


Priority 5: To ensure the new statutory EYFS framework is implemented; that the content of the curriculum is taught in a logical progression that will equip pupils to develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge. 


Behaviour and Attitudes 

Priority 1: To develop policies and practices post COVID to nurture positive behaviour and attitudes. Using our vision and values, pupils will recognise and actively demonstrate these. 


Priority 2: To ensure attendance is in line with national average; that all pupils are punctual and that parents and carers are supported in ensuring that their child/ren are attending school. 


Priority 3To review the school uniform ensuring that all pupils wear the correct uniform and have the right equipment enabling them to feel part of the school community and to access the curriculum.  


Personal Development 

Priority 1: To use our Christian vision and values, to underpin rich experiences and opportunities within our environment, curriculum and local community enabling all pupils to become confident, resilient and independent citizens. 


Priority 2: As part of our Christian vision and values, to provide experiences and opportunities to support staff, Governors and our parents in their role as well as promoting mental health and wellbeing. 



 ‘From small beginnings come great things’ The parable of The Mustard Seed. Matthew 13:31-32