Reception 2021- 2022

Welcome to Reception! 
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We can't wait to meet you!
Meet the Early Years Team
Story Time

Listen to 'The Everywhere Bear' story  read by Mrs Croft
Enjoy listening to 'The Colour Monster' read by Mrs Dawkins.
Come on a virtual tour....
Have a look around Class 1 with Mrs Croft...
This is just one of the places you can play!
Meet Mrs Hazel and look inside the Nursery Classroom! 
A huge space where we can all play and learn....
Coming soon... a tour of the garden!
Take a look at some photographs of our environment...
Support for Parents
Support for parents and carers - Safety Net
Welcome Virtual Meeting
A copy of the presentation 6/7/21
What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?
An introduction to early phonics- a handy guide to get you started...
Why is reading so important?
Some research from the Open University
 Ideas to support Physical Development