Dropping pupils off

We have a dropping off area at the bottom car park beside the Forestry Commission gateway, for seeing your child through the gate into the school grounds. The gate from this car park is kept locked between 9.15am and 2.50pm.

Vehicle access through the main gate during the school day is restricted. If you are running late in the morning you must not drop your child off at the main gate; police have warned us that it is extremely dangerous for cars to stop anywhere on the road, including the bus lay-by, our gateway or the verge opposite the gate.

Longer stay

For parents and visitors who intend to wait in the school grounds or who have an appointment, longer parking is available at the far side of the common, opposite the school. Please park on the verge, not on the common itself.

Evening events

For evening events the main gates are usually open for vehicular access; parking on the common’s verge is also available.