Science Oxford

27th November 2019

On 26th November, classes 2-4 went on a mind-blowing trip to Science Oxford. It was possibly the best day of this year - well, so far anyway! First of all, we got on a coach (which was about 10 minutes late) and I sat next to a girl called Isabella, who was enjoying her first day at our school.

 Upon arriving, Class 4 went into a room with lots of tables, to make a Rube-Goldberg mechanism. Most of them were very successful!

 Next, we went into a theatre-like room to see some extraordinary scientific displays. A man showed us dancing raisins, water that changed colour and boxes that balanced on the very edge of the table.


We were the last class to go into the fiddle room and well, fiddle! Some people (including me) made a bridge out of metal filings and magnets as our homework. Then we went home.

 Emily - Year 6


Our school trip to Science Oxford was an exceedingly extraordinary experience. We first got to build a Rube Goldberg, which is a machine that does one thing, leading to another.  Next, we watched a man perform scientific tricks and we had to explain how he did them.  After lunch, we had some fun activities to do, one of which was placing scarves and balls into a maze of tubes that transported them from one end to the other.  And that was our trip to Science Oxford.

 Edward - Year 5