Science Week

15th March 2019


News from Class 4 by Miss Charnock:

STEM Week in Class 4 got off to a flying start as we investigated how to make the best hoop gliders. The children had to consider which variables they would change and how this affected the flight distance. The theme of flight continued on Tuesday when we investigated how to make the best paper spinner. This involved a great deal of teamwork as well as all four aspects of STEM.

Thursday’s focus was on Technology and Engineering. In the morning the children were tasked with building the tallest house of cards as well as exploring how to make a stable marshmallow and spaghetti tower. 

We were fortunate to have been invited to Great Marlow School for the afternoon to take part in a cookery lesson with Mrs Cadogan. The children all made chocolate muffins and learned how to make pancakes which they ate during the session. The children were a pleasure to take and Mrs Cadogan spoke highly of their exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm. Thank you to all parents who were able to help with transporting the children home.

Our week concluded with a visit from Darren, the weatherman, who was able to answer insightful questions from the class.

It was a delight to see how well the children were able to apply prior learning to problem solving tasks, to observe great collaboration and for the children to gain a greater appreciation of the importance of STEM in everyday life.


News from Class 3 by Mrs Alvarez:

Science week was rounded off this week by a very special visit from RAF helicopter mover and fire fighter. They told the children all about how tough their jobs can be but also very rewarding, and how they use maths and science every day!


News from Class 2 by Mrs Croft:

Science week was based on helping fairy tale characters in trouble. This linked to our literacy. We helped the gingerbread man cross the river on a bridge to escape the Fox- learning about bridge design but being challenged to use just one piece of paper. We helped the billy goat avoid the big bad troll by going across the river on a boat, which material would be best? The boat races were great fun! Could Humpty Dumpty avoid cracking when he falls? We tried to protect him with different materials. Rapunzel was left in her tower with no way to escape so we made her a parachute and learnt that the larger the area of the parachute the slower and more gracefully she would glide to the ground. It was great fun!


News from Class 1 by Mrs Woolfson:

This week, Reception class explored science in stories.

We built a wall for Humpty Dumpty using a variety of materials. We then had a think about what may have protected Humpty Dumpty from cracking when he falls. We made predictions, carried out our tests and then recorded our findings.

After reading Jack and the beanstalk we learnt about germination and how plants begin to grow and what they need to help them grow. We observed over time, how a pea starts to its journey to a plant.

We enjoyed reading the Gingerbread man story and then cooked spiced gingerbread biscuits. We wrote stories whilst our dough was cooling and discussed how dough changed in the process of cooking, from powder, to gooey dough, and then to a hard biscuit.

The highlight of our science week was learning about electricity. We learnt about static electricity by experimenting with balloons. We then made circuits to light a light bulb.

What a busy week in Reception!