Article for the Clarion

16th July 2021
Article for The Clarion Magazine

Cadmore End CofE Combined School and Nursery


My name is Edward and I was elected as Head Boy for 2020-2021. I have been here since reception class and I am saddened to have to leave to go on to grammar school. I have greatly enjoyed our wide variety of school plays, including Pirates of the Curry Bean and Troy Story. I think that this school is a caring school with a ‘can-do attitude’, and it raises brilliant children of various ethnicities.


My name is Amy I am the Head Girl for 2020-2021. Throughout my time at Cadmore, I have always been grateful for the caring attitude the teachers have given to me and everyone else at this school, it’s an understatement to say that I enjoy going to school every day. I appreciate all the positivity and encouragement I get on a daily basis. I am forever grateful for our small school and the values we follow, this school has been uplifting and beneficial to my education and I can’t thank them enough for the support given.



A bit about our school:


Our school is a kind and welcoming school. It is an exciting learning experience and has loving staff who cares for your every need. This primary school has a stunning view of the British woodland and countryside, and is located near Lane End Village.


In an in interview with Year 5 pupil Sarah Owen, she commented, “It is very easy to make friends because the school is small compared to other schools. All of the classes share a playground, which means we can play with the younger/older children.”


In another interview, with the Head Teacher Mrs Groom, she stated “This school is very much a family where our values are the core of everything we do. We relish the fact that we are able to provide a personalised learning experience for every child, which in turn, enables all of our children to thrive.”


I am sure our successors will enjoy showing prospective parents around our school and nursery during the autumn term.


By Edward (Head Boy) and Amy (Head Girl)