Head Girl and Head Boy

Head Girl and Head Boy
2020 - 2021
The whole school was involved in the voting process for the successful Head Girl and Head Boy role. We had 7 strong candidates who all demonstrated great courage in speaking to the school and answering questions from staff. Amy and Edward have been chosen with Abby and Hamza as their deputies. 

Head Boy speech – Edward

I wish to apply for the role of head boy, as I understand the importance of our school values (Respect, Love, Honesty, Courage, Faith and Empathy) having received recognition of this in many praise assemblies during my time at Cadmore End. I believe that I have consistently demonstrated that I am a good role model, who could take on the responsibility of showing possible newcomers what a caring school we are.

Like Hansel to Gretel, I shall be present in times of need, being happy to help at any time during the school day or to go above and beyond when required, as demonstrated when acting as a “Buddy” for 2 years in total.

I have much enjoyed using my leadership skills throughout my time at Cadmore End, for example, as a school councilor – listening and gathering suggestions for school improvement.

Being Head Boy would be an exquisite way of further developing my leadership skills whilst helping younger students benefit from my experience. I hope you will vote for me as I will work my socks off to help this school.



Head Girl speech – Amy

Dear Cadmore,

Hi my name is Amy and this year I would like to take in an important lead role for our small Cadmore family. I am willing to take a big responsibility, being Head Girl will also benefit me in many different ways such as my public speaking and leadership skills which can be useful in later life. Since this is my last year at our wonderful school I would like to be a person to look up to for the youngers and also a person to be seen approachable for all the students at Cadmore for any concerns or worries.

I know that being Head Girl is a very important role and you must have lots of good qualities, that includes being able to work as a team having lots of confidence and respect therefore I will be doing all these things.

If I am chosen to be Head Girl I will bring the school closer, make the school full of positivity, I will solve problems in a non-negative way and hope to gain satisfaction from everybody. I will always have good reputation and greet our visitors in a kind manner and show them full respect.

Thank you so much to why I would like to be Head Girl. I am very much thankful.



Deputy Head Boy speech – Hamza

Dear Cadmore End

I believe that the role of being a head boy plays an especially important role in school life, for the children and staff. For this amazing position you would have to be a good role model to the rest of the school, something which I believe I have been and can continue to be. I have been at Cadmore End School since reception, and I fully understand what work well for the children and the staff. At Cadmore, we really believe in showcasing and following all our values, it is what makes us all unique and special. I know sometimes it can be hard to always follow our school values, but when we reflect and look back and what they represent, it really helps us to make the right choices. We are lucky to have good guidance and if I become Head Boy, I will make sure we always follow our school values.

I really want to become Head Boy because I am proud of this school, of my teachers and my LSA’s and my friends. I hope that I can set a good example to my peers and the rest of the school with my hard-working, loyal, kind-hearted and overall like-able personality. I am capable of handling many responsibilities and am willing to work hard to move school up to the next level. I will make sure every view, every idea will be heard because I think this is a thing, especially with what has been happening around us recently.

I am comfortable talking to anyone, and I would love the opportunity to be involved in meeting visitors and showing them around the school. Our school looks amazing with the new paint and I know visitors would love seeing it. I am always smartly dressed and take pride in my uniform, so this would be one less thing for staff to worry about! I usually get asked to help the teacher with I.T in the classroom and do some odd jobs around the school. This shows I am capable of following instruction and being reliable. One of my proudest moments is when I was a part of the school Council team and I helped choose Mrs Groom to be our new Head Teacher- I definitely made a good choice there!

I really want to be head boy at Cadmore End and I know I would be so dedicated to the role. Not only will I be able to assist those around me, but also work on my own developments. I have really matured over lockdown and I have missed school life so much. I am so grateful to have this back and I really hope you will consider everything that I have said.

Yours sincerely,

Hamza Khawaja 

Deputy Head Girl speech – Abby

Why I should be Head Girl.

Hello Cadmore, my name is Abby and this is why I should be Head Girl. I will help everyone to be their greatest. I will make this place a better place. I will show all the values to the school. I wish to be the schools helping hand at all times. I will also help Miss Cane and Miss Patterson when they need it. I will show people round are school to boost are school community. And when everything is back to normal I will do assembles to the best to my ability. We are a small but have a huge heart to be proud of. I will ask Miss Groom to have a film on in the hall at lunch or break and because of coved-19 one class each day. To do this job would mean the world to me before starting secondary school. But most importantly are school will have a can do attitude.

Thank you for voting for me as this schools Deputy Head Girl.