Collective Worship

Collective Worship in Early Years
What is Collective Worship time? 
At Cadmore End School we think of Collective Worship as ‘family time’ In a Church of England school like ours, collective worship is the unique beating heart of school life. It is a sacred, precious and valued time when the school family comes together.
It might be helpful to think of it like a family mealtime. “Dinner time!” - that is when everyone in the house comes down to sit at the table. When they are there, they may choose to eat or not. Some may take large portions of everything; some may choose from the vegetarian options, while others may just graze or just watch those eating around them.
All are made to feel welcome and are invited to take and eat what they choose whilst sharing life with those round the table. Like this analogy of family time, collective worship that is truly invitational will use the language of invitation to invite all those who wish to do so to engage with the act of worship. It also allows freedom for those of other faiths and none to be present with integrity.
We gather the children in the same way for each session by sitting in a circle and using some special objects:
A cross This is a symbol that Christians use to remember Jesus, who is God’s son.
A candle In the Bible, Jesus said ‘I am the light of the world’, so the candle flame reminds us that Jesus is with us and brings light into the darkness.
A Bible The Bible is a special holy book for Christians. It contains lots of stories about people, their lives and how God protected, guided and watched over them. Christians read the Bible to help them to learn more about God and how he wants them to live their lives.
This special collective worship time is intended to gather, engage, help the children respond freely and then to offer time for reflection in a safe and supported environment. 
We have a weekly worship song, related to our curriculum which the children can join in the action to whilst being active, they love the upbeat start to our day.  Please feel free to try these at home too. 
This week's worship song is a surprise for you parents!
Please join us at our Harvest Assembly on Friday morning to see us perform it and give thanks to God for the Harvest. 
Here is this week's collective worship song all about 'God the maker'
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12/9/22- Our first worship song, enjoy!
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