Class 4 2021-2022

Welcome to our Class 4 Page!

Class 4 have had a very busy term!
We have been considering our schools vision and values, and enjoying having visitors back on our school site.  We've looked at the Mayans in our recent topic and have enjoyed being creative in all sorts of ways! Read on.....
The Year 5 and 6 children had a cross curricular approach to their topic during this last half term.  They created headdresses, clay tiles in Forest School and wrote recounts as if they were Mayan children.
This zoom presentation shares expectations and information about life in Class 4.  There's also a Curriculum overview to give you an idea of what topics we'll be looking at throughout the year. 
We have recently looked at the lives of Contemporary black figures as part of our Black History Month activities. Children created powerpoints which were used as part of a display in school.
We also welcomed a member of our local community who shared aspects of her life as a Muslim. Children took the time to reflect on their learning as part of our wider school values, seeking to understand and respect others.
They also enjoyed exploring the Advent season with a session of Godly Play.
There are some great online reading resources for parents and children to access online!
Please take a look at:-