Class 2 2020-2021

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Welcome Everyone!
NSPCC Speak out. Stay safe.
Wednesday 14th July 2021
Today we were learning about the NSPCC's Speak Out and Stay Safe message from Buddy.
Buddy wants everyoneto know that all children have the right to .....
Speak out and be heard
Be safe and get help when they need it.
We made our own buddies to take home!
You can find out more about Buddy and play some games here....
As part of our stay safe learning we found out about PANTS.
We designed our own pants and learnt the Pantosaurus song!
Look at the work we have done on Natural Sculptures.
Listen to the story 'Lost and Found' read by me.
Today you can choose from some of these activities.
Remember to share a picture or video of you either retelling the story or telling a story of how the penguin got to the little boy's house.
You could.....
Write a Lost and Found Book review
Write a story about how the penguin got to the Little boy's house.
Use the word mat to help you with tricky words.
Use lolly sticks or pencils to make some puppets for a puppet show. You could write a script and use the puppets to tell the story.
Make a moving picture to tell the story.

Find out about the South Pole... Try to find it on a globe or map. Where is in relation to where you live? How far away is it? If you wanted to go there, how would you travel?

Make a fact file using the information you found.

Find out about penguins... Where can you find them? How are they adapted to living in that environment? What do they eat?

Imagine if one of your toys got lost. Make a lost poster to help to find it again.

Practise you number bonds to 20.
Try reading this book. You could get an adult to use the guided reading PowerPoint to ask you question about it. There is a reading comprehension you could do as well.
Make a penguin!
Our World Book Day by Class 2
(Pictures and videos to come...)
Look at our Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Artwork!
Listen to Sophie asking Ma Liang questions about the magic paintbrush.
Look at our moving pictures!
This is a space where I can share all the lovely things you have been doing at home!
Listen to Gabriella's instructions on how to defeat the giants!
Listen to Sophie explaining how she caught the Fire Giants!
Wow! Look at Olivia on her roller skates.
Listen to Gabriella's interview with the wolf.
Listen to Sophie being interviewed about when she met the wolf.
Listen to Sophie retelling the story of The Unlucky Man.
Thank you for sharing your moving picture books!
Thank you for sharing you verbal stories....
Wow! Jenni, I love your new pet snake. I'm so glad you have got your snake now, you have been so excited about. Thank you for sharing your home news.
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