Cave painting!

25th September 2020

Cave Painting in Class 3!

We had looked at a range of real cave paintings on Thursday as part of our topic lesson and discussed their importance and why they should be cared for and preserved. We also discussed why Stone Age people would have created cave paintings.

The children came up with the following possibilities:

  • For fun (as a hobby).
  • To tell a story, for new members of the cave to learn about something important that had happened
  • To plan a hunt, cave people may have devised a strategy to take down a large animal
  • To remember important events in their lives.
  • As art for their homes. They know Stone Age people did not have much to decorate their homes with, so maybe they drew on the walls to make them look nicer?


They had so much fun and engaged really well in the authenticity of the activity.

We tried to use only natural materials to paint with

  • Mud paint
  • Homemade grape juice (made by Miss Holmes)
  • Charcoal