Behaviours for Learning

Good behaviours for learning in school are essential to successful teaching
and learning.

Children make good progress and achieve when they have established good behaviours for learning. As part of our curriculum we teach the following behaviours for learning:

Responsibility, Supporting Others, Being Courageous, Keeping Focus, Cooperation, Collaboration.

We have been exploring how we can persevere, be resilient and curious as behaviours for learning.


Our aim at Cadmore End School is to build, within a Christian ethos, a happy and purposeful environment so that an atmosphere of mutual trust, confidence and respect leads our children to understand what is expected and what is regarded as acceptable behaviour.

We do not have many rules. Those in existence are there for the safety of all. The older children are encouraged to take responsibility for certain tasks and to look after younger children, and the younger ones learn by example. If there is any cause for concern the staff discuss the matter with the Headteacher and if necessary with the parent concerned.

A School Policy on Behaviour is in place and forms part of the Home School Agreement.