Assessment is an integral part of effective teaching and learning.
It allows progress to be recognised and celebrated and it informs the next steps and priorities of both teachers and learners. It is inextricably linked to the curriculum, which provides the content and context of assessment.

Much assessment takes place in day-to-day teaching where learners receive immediate feedback on their understanding of the specific aspect or topic being explored and where teachers adjust their short-term planning in line with learners' needs. At other times, teachers need to stand back and reflect on the learner's overall performance across a subject or aspect of learning, drawing on a wide range of evidence. This more holistic, periodic assessment provides a clear profile of attainment against recognised criteria. It also helps identify the learner's strengths and priorities for improvement and informs the teacher's medium-term planning. This means the teacher is better able to personalise the curriculum for pupils.
Assessment Week and Reporting
Assessment Week is conducted in the final week of each half term; although this is low-key, it enables teaching staff to make a regular and accurate assessment of each pupil’s ability. This is then reported to parents in either Parent-Teacher evenings (held in the second half of the Autumn and Spring terms) and/or written annual report in Summer term.

SATs results (for Year 2 and 6) are stated in the annual report.

For any other progress enquiries, please feel free to arrange a mutually-convenient after-school appointment with the class teacher at any point in the year.