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Physical Education

At Cadmore End School we follow the Rising Stars Champions programme. Champions is a Sports, Fitness and Health scheme for years 1 to 6 which takes a holistic approach to the teaching of PE, improving fitness, developing skills and deepening knowledge of health and well being.
PE is taught throughout the school year by Mrs Caine, spending 2 hours per week on physical education covering individual fitness, team games, dance, gymnastics and athletics. In addition to this Upper Key Stage 2 children have access to swimming provision in the summer term.
Our weekly Learning Outdoor sessions and after school clubs offer further opportunities for physical exercise.  We also continue to develop our Playground Leader scheme, encouraging our older pupils to run sporting activities for the younger years.
 At Cadmore End School we endeavour to ensure that pupils leaving us are physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation that is required to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, believing this develops lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.
27th March 2020
Dear Cadmore
Further to my email regarding PE ideas, we have decided that our school website is the best place to keep in touch. Therefore, I will post further PE challenges and updates on how I and my family are keeping fit during this time at home. Please send your photos, videos and stories of how you have been staying active to my school email address. I will try and post them all on here to share with everyone. 
Many thanks
Mrs Caine
I have shared a video of my son completing his own daily challenge. Have a go.
Please see the above link for Imoves. This website has some fantastic free resources for fitness, well being and even tips for healthy eating.
21st April 2020
Welcome back everyone, I hope you have had a restful Easter break. As we are now starting the summer term I thought it would be a fun challenge if you could all try and hold your own special sports day at home. At school, we normally have 6 different stations followed by our traditional running races. Feel free to follow any of the ideas listed below or please use your imagination with whatever you have to hand and create your own stations and races.   How about making your own medals/certificates or rosettes and creating your own scoreboard.  I look forward to hearing how much fun you have and what you come up with.
Best wishes
Mrs Caine
5th May 2020
Good afternoon Cadmore End, I hope you are all well and keeping busy. A new virtual school games scheme has been launched this week by our local school games organiser for Bucks and Milton Keynes. It consists of new challenges for all school-aged children. You can even enter your efforts online(parents permission needed). Please take a look at the attached link for all terms and conditions and have a go. 
Take care.
Mrs Caine
Good morning Cadmore End, as we continue with learning from home I hope you enjoy some of these fun ideas for keeping active. I have seen lots of children using chalks recently to decorate beautiful messages and thought if you had any leftover you could chalk out hopscotch, target grid or capture the flag zones.  Another creative way to incorporate  PE is to make a paper fortune teller and behind the numbers inside you could write an athletics activity such as long jump, high jump, hurdles etc. You can even change it to gymnastics moves or ball skills. I have attached a link for a youtube video on how to make a fortune teller. Please keep sending in your photos so I can share what fantastic work you have been doing.
Take care 
Mrs Caine
8th January 2021
Good morning Cadmore End, I will be updating the website with more ideas for you to try over the next few weeks as we continue with our online learning. If you have any ideas of your own please email them to me along with any pictures or videos of you keeping fit and healthy at home. I would love to see what you have been up to. Have fun Mrs Caine. 
Family hiking
Go for a walk and see how far you can go in 10-30 minutes. Increase your distance over the next few weeks. Try taking it in turns to be the leader showing the members of the family how to travel for 5 minutes each ie: run, walk, hop, sidesteps, etc. See how creative you can be.
Nature Hunt
Before going on your family walk think of things that you may see on your walkie: dog, oak tree, pine cone, magpie, holly bush. decide on an exercise that the family could do each time you see the things on your list, for example, dog-10 star jumps, oak tree- sprint for 30 seconds, pine cone-jog for 1 minute, magpie-high knees for 30 seconds, holly bush-side steps for 1 minute.
Garden games
Simon says-take it in turns to be the caller and give instructions of exercises or movements to your family by saying Simon says.  Everyone must do what Simon says but if you give an instruction without saying Simon says and somebody still does the exercise or movement they are out of the game. Think of aerobic exercises such as spotty dogs, lunges, jog on the spot, star jumps, skipping, high jumps, toe taps etc.
Caravans and trailers-with a partner choose one to be the caravan and one to be the trailer. The trailer has to try and run away from the trailer using sharp turns and changing directions. The Caravan has to try and catch up with the trailer. take it in turns being the caravan and trailer.
On your own, choose any ball from a variety of sizes and send and catch it in as many different ways as possible, using different parts of your body (e.g. palm, head, knees, feet). Then balance on one leg and bounce and catch the ball, then use both hands and both legs. With a partner, sit on the floor, facing each other in a straddle position and roll a ball between you. Place a spot or marker between the two of you to roll the ball over. How many times can you roll it in two minutes? Stand up and repeat the activity. Try to keep a good balance when receiving the ball. Repeat on one leg. Stand facing each other and count how many bounce passes or throw and catches you can do. Move around the area with a ball any way you can, keeping control of the ball– throwing, catching, bouncing, dribbling and holding the ball. Now dribble the ball with both feet. Stop and change to another type of ball. Bounce the ball with one hand, two hands or alternate hands. Ensure you are watching the ball all the time. 
Ball trail
Set up a trail that you can travel around, trying all the skills you learned above ie: dribbling, throwing, catching. The trail could be wavy lines formed by cones or skipping ropes, going in and out of cones placed close together or following cones in a zigzag. When the whistle blows or you are told to STOP, you must stop and trap or catch your ball and change direction.
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16th January 2020
I hope you are all well and managed to get out in the little bit of snow we had at the weekend. Below are further links for PE ideas this week. Enjoy.
Warm-up: Find a space to jog on the spot using your arms. Challenge yourself to create your own pathway for running and spell out your name. Be careful not to bump into anyone.
Video game  Walk around the room. One person to call out the following instructions for the children to do. Watch the children’s ability to change their speed and follow instructions. • Play – run around the room at a gentle speed. • Fast forward – run faster. • Rewind – run backwards. • Stop – standstill.
Cones In pairs, put two cones about 10 strides apart and stand opposite each other. Take it in turns to estimate how many seconds it takes to run to your partner’s cone and back. Swap roles. Repeat a few times and challenge each other to beat your best score. (To help measure the time, count: one crocodile, two crocodiles, etc.) Next, run to your partner’s cone and back but with their arms down by your sides. Take it in turns and repeat a number of times. Which way is fastest, and why? Finally, run to their partner’s cone and back, backwards. Be careful when doing this. Is this easy or hard? Discuss the role of the arms in running. It is important to use your arms as you run as it helps to keep the legs moving, and helps with balance and speed.
Rectangle relay Place four cones in a large rectangle. All children can start on the first cone, and each one runs around the whole rectangle to tag the next person until all the team have run. These relay games can be played as a competition between teams if you have more people. 
Musical statues  Spread out around the room. Play the music for the children to move and dance to, and when you stop the music, the children must stop still and not move – like statues. When the music starts again, the children continue dancing.
Skipping.  • Skipping on the spot: Use any method you want but aim to keep going for 45 seconds. • Skipping while walking/running around two cones placed at either end of the room: All skip in the same direction to avoid bumping. • Rope jump: Jump two feet to two feet over a rope that is laid on the floor. • Weaving: Skip in and out of a line of cones (to practise agility). • Swing rope: One partner swings the rope in a circle on the floor for the other to jump over. Perform each station for 45 seconds. Record your scores so you can see improvement in your performance.
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I have been really pleased to hear many of you have been joining in with online PE activities at home. It is important to keep as active as we can. Poppy and Ella decided to create their own obstacle course in the garden and it looks fantastic. Well done girls great work!
Mrs Caine
Morning everyone, I hope you are all well. Please find below more fun activities to have a go at while at home. There are some links to inspire you with your routines and fitness. 
Mrs Caine
Warm-up games
North, South, East, West Label the walls of the room/garden ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’ and ‘West’.  Run to the appropriate wall of the room when it is called it out. Change the method of travel – gallop, sidestep, hopscotch – for variety.
Smugglers Scatter hoops or place coloured dots around the room and divide into two groups. One group are ‘smugglers’ and the other group are ‘goodies’. The goodies have a 30-second head start to put beanbags or other household items that colour match into the correct colour hoops/dots. The smugglers then have to steal them and place them in incorrect hoops. Set a time limit. Swap roles and repeat.
Cars Place spots on the floor around the room, ensuring each child has their own spot. Explain to the children that they are driving a car and will move through the gears, changing the speed at which they move. • 1st gear – walking. • 2nd gear – walking fast. • 3rd gear – jogging. • 4th gear – jogging fast. • Stop – the children return to their spot and park the car. The children must change direction in a safe manner while they are driving.
Walk around the room/garden. On ‘Jump!’, jump in a straight shape (stretched out) and land. Watch how you land. Remember to land with soft knees. Practise jumping and landing safely. Repeat a number of times and land in a balance on points (small body parts like feet, hands or knees). Share ideas. Repeat a number of times and land in a balance on patches (large body parts like legs, arms or shoulders). Share ideas. Think about your favourite balance on a point and a patch and jump – land – balance, jump – land – balance.
Have a go at the following balances:
Star – lying on the back, extend the arms and legs so that they are straight and point the toes. Dish – lying on the back, extend the arms and legs so that they are straight, then lift head, arms and legs off the floor and point the toes. Arch – lying on the front, extend the arms and legs so that they are straight, then lift the head, arms and legs off the floor and point the toes.
With a partner, see how many symmetrical and asymmetrical balances and shapes you can devise together.
Share a mat or on soft grass with a partner, explore different ways of jumping. Take off and land in different ways (e.g. hop, bounce, leap, bunny hop). Share ideas. Then work on a balance on point (feet, hands or knees) and patch (back, legs or arms) followed by a jump and then a roll. Show your gymnastics display to family or send in a video to school. we would love to see your routines.
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