SEND and Inclusion

As a small, Christian school we pride ourselves on knowing all of our students individually, and taking account of every child's learning preferences and needs. With our combined classes, we are able to differentiate work to support or extend children, as appropriate.

We have produced a document that illustrates every child's entitlement in our school and you can read it below.

If your child needs some support or guidance and is not making the progress in their learning we would expect then we have a structure in place to support their needs. More information can be found below.
The Buckinghamshire Family Information Service is also a great place to look for support and opportunities for you and your family.
Our Behaviour Policy also reflects our SEND Policy and supports all children within the wave 1 entitlement in the first instance before wave 2 and 3 support is offered. Please refer to our summery page below for more information.