School Development Plan


School Development Plan for 2019-2020


Leadership and Management

Priority 1: To have a clear vision and mission statement that is based on our school context and is underpinned by biblical scripture

Priority 2: To develop with the support of governors; strategic leadership to manage the development of all staff equipping them with the necessary skills to provide an inclusive education that is sustainable.

Priority 3: To engage parents and wider school community in supporting pupils in their personal and academic development.


Quality of Education

Priority 1: To create a curriculum that is personalised to the needs of our pupils taking into account school location and environment.

Priority 2: To provide carefully planned CPD that enables all members of staff to provide high quality lessons and interventions across all subjects

Priority 3: To review and develop assessment, marking and feedback to help learners embed and use knowledge fluently and to check understanding and inform future planning


Behaviour and Attitudes

Priority 1: To improve attendance and punctuality especially amongst our RGTs’

Priority 2: To further develop our inclusive, positive and respectful environment and culture for pupils and staff through our new mission and vision statement and our values.


Personal Development

Priority 1: To review and introduce the new statutory PSHE curriculum objectives; embedding within the curriculum.

Priority 2: To prepare pupils for their next step in learning and life in modern Britain by providing opportunities and relevant experiences.


I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Philippians 4:13



2018-2019 Objectives

 We are pleased to announce that we have met all our 2018-2019 objectives. 

Objectives for Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Objective 1

To introduce the new 2-year curriculum in KS1 and KS2 that embeds SMSC and physical well-being.


Objective 2

Develop newly appointed senior leaders in securing sustainability and secure improvements in the quality of teaching, learning and outcomes.


Objectives for Quality of teaching, learning and assessment


Objective 1

To improve the quality of teaching and assessment in core subjects and science

Objective 2

To improve the quality of marking and feedback; equipping pupils with skills to improve their learning.


Objectives for Personal development, behaviour and welfare


Objective 1

To improve attendance of our disadvantage and vulnerable pupils.



Objective 2

To improve pupil mental health and well being



Below is our School Development Plan overview for 2017 - 2019.