School Council

Democracy is very important at Cadmore End. There were several pupils from each class who put themselves forward as potential candidates. Each child had the opportunity to outline their ideas to their peers. After a private vote, two council members were elected from each class.

Minutes of the School Council meeting Wednesday 4th October 2017

School Council : Attendees

Naomi,Lauren,Abi ,Rajveer,Poppy, Yuvraj,Celina,Archie .Apologies; Isabella.

  •          Mrs Bowring congratulated the School Council for being voted in.
  •         The School Councillors discussed what the most important things are that we need to do to develop the school.
  •         The Spiritual,Moral,Social, Cultural (SMSC) newsletter.
  •         The importance of the SMSC newsletter was discussed and it was agreed that the School Council would take responsibility for this and that the key issues discussed today would be communicated to  the children and parents via the newsletter.

It will also be made available on the school website.

  •         School Council Logo

 Ideas were discussed and it was agreed that as well as the School Logo a picture of ‘2 holding hands’ and ‘shaking hands’ would be used as the Logo at the top of the newsletter.

  •         Clubs

Clubs were discussed. The Bible Club is thoroughly enjoyed, also multi sports but it was noted that this has to be paid for now. The possibility of reinstating lunch time clubs such as art club was discussed but it was noted that this was difficult to put in place at present with the shorter break.

  •         Playtime Outdoor equipment

Play time equipment (good for children’s health and well-being) was requested by the School Council:

Skipping ropes (The plastic blue handle ones are more suitable) Long and short.

Large Hoops.

Cheer-leading pom-poms and information sheets.

Tennis equipment including tennis balls and the suitable ‘net’ type racquets.

Soft football

Tennis and football could then be alternated on the playground.

  •         Outdoor climbing frame
  •         The School Council suggested that a climbing frame could be installed in the old fenced off Prayer Trail area by the cabin. This was previously planned but then funding was not available.
  •         Could there be a tiny slide in that area for the younger children?
  •         Could there be a box of toys such as teddies for the younger children to use at playtime.

 Other ideas were discussed including a swimming pool but this was decided against for practical reasons!

  •         The Quiet Garden

The shelter needs the broken pieces repaired .Children need to be reminded not to go behind the hut.

Outdoor tables

Could they be painted?

Could we have sunshade canopies for the summer as before?

  •         PE.

Could the wall climbing frame bars be used more often during lessons?

  •         The Prayer Space
  •          School Councillors suggested that we think about how the Prayer space is being used and rules need to be agreed. Children should not be removing post it notes or scribbling.
  •         Can we place some Bibles for children to look at also some Christian art and Christian picture colouring?
  •         The School Council could do a presentation in an assembly to explain how the Prayer Space and other areas should be used.
  •         Toilets

Can the broken locks be repaired?

Children to be reminded to always use the toilets properly.

  •         Wet Play.

To reduce the noise and crowding could older children Buddies hear the younger children read? Or have some silent reading?

  •         Laptops: Can all Classes have Laptop monitors to check all are plugged in to charge. They must be closed down properly.
  •         Value Walk
  •         The School Council will consider planning a ‘Values Walk’ where they could visit classrooms with their clipboards and note how the Values are being shown. They could talk to the children about who has seen other children demonstrating the School Values.
  •         Improvement Walk

The School Council also suggested a walk round the school with clipboards to note what could be improved.

Special days

  •         Could different clothes be worn on a Friday such as costumes and fancy dress?
  •         Class views

The School Councillors agreed to ask their classes for suggestions on school improvements and bring these ideas to the next meeting.

  •         Note: Class 3 School Councillors have done so since the meeting and reported the following ideas:

 More PE equipment.

More time to use the climbing frame.

A bigger Forest School area.

More equipment for the forest.

Frisbee as equipment.

Fixing the toilet doors and easier toilet flushes.

Movie nights.

Show your pet day.

Mrs Bowring thanked the School Councillors for all their ideas.

Mrs Bowring   4/ 10/17.