Developing Curriculum

September 2014 brought a time of change for the curriculum and at our school we have established an exciting and motivating curriculum.

We use the  Chris Quigley 'Essential' document to plan from and take advice from the Bucks Learning Trust as well as other sources.

As a team we have explored the drivers for our school which are published on our website and we have mapped the content across each year group and embedding the progression for learning.

  • We have adopted 6 school values that we hope to embed at the centre of the curriculum along with spiritual and moral development and strong community links.
  • Through real opportunities and a project based curriculum we will teach children the content of the National curriculum and more. We want to make it relevant and allow our children to leave Cadmore End with a sound knowledge base. We will do this by taking children on trips, through IT, through story and visitors to school Etc.
  • We believe in developing a 'growth Mindset' in all our children and teach them to be curious, resilient and persevere.
We have written a Maths calculation policy which supports teachers in the teaching of Maths across the school and to ensure consistency in our approach to teaching.

We are  a ‘Storytelling School’ having trained with the Oxford Story Museum to enable our teachers to use the power of storytelling to develop our children as writers.

Our Learning Outdoor Curriculum has been up and running since September 2013. All of the children in school learn outside during the week where they access the curriculum within an outdoor environment or use the environment as a teaching tool in itself. Children are developing life skills and becoming adaptable and resilient learners.

We believe in reading for pleasure and always seek ways to engage learners in developing an unquenchable thirst for reading through opportunities to read for different purposes, exploring the different types of texts available, considering how we use our library, reading outside and much more.